Luisa Cohrs

Luisa CohrsLuisa Cohrs was born in Bogota, Colombia on April 19, 1968. Her father was a German immigrant that established an import/export business in Colombia in 1934. Her mother was the oldest daughter of a family from the coffee region which survived the Civil war of 1948. This colorful background has fed the iconography used by Luisa in similar ways as Gabriel Garcia Marquez has used it to enrich his magic realism.

Joelle Duvernois

JoelleDuvernoisHeadShotResized Joelle Duvernois was born in France where she studied Fine Arts. She is now a makeup Artist based in Southern California. Being a makeup artist is her passion. Not only does she applies her talent to the motion movie industry but offer her “savoir faire” to private clients for Weddings, special Events, Proms, Halloween.

Roberto Concha

Roberto Roberto Concha is a Southern California-based artist, and has taken many classes with established local artists. The use of various media, materials and techniques is very important to him, and he constantly looking for ways to expand his creative skills. He often finds inspiration while experimenting with new subjects, designs, colors, etc.

David Heath

David Heath
David’s desire for adventure led him to the world of artistic travel photography. Raised in Southern California, David is an avid surfer and skier. His intimate connection to the environment and passion for outdoors ultimately compelled him to capture the stunning moments he witnessed each day, and share them with others.

Randy & Lisa Stark

Dr.Randy & Dr.Lysa Randy & Lisa are concerned with more than just rapid relief of their patients’ immediate symptoms. They focus on their long term health by blending chiropractic care with nutritional counseling and therapy.